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Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)
Let your customers reach out to you from 50 countries with ONE SINGLE toll free number without any charge! Choose your unique UIFN numbers now from our number pool or contact our customer service officer immediately. You can have your numbers up and running within 2 to 4 weeks!

How Does Universal International Freephone Number Help?
The difference between ITFS and UIFN is ITFS requires one number for each country whereas UIFN can allow one number covering up to 50 countries! We provide UIFN numbers to allow you to call forward phone calls from your customers in different countries to the same location, i.e. customer service centers or sales offices. You do not have to set up local offices everywhere but simply make use of UIFN numbers to serve your customers from all over the world. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to expand your business to overseas countries! UIFN numbers are commonly used by many MNCs to provide 7 x 24 customer support to their global customers, a very popular tool for marketers to promote their products globally without setting up each individual service center in every single country as well. Our clients include many MNCs from banking and finance industry, hospitality, airlines, on-line business operation, luxury brands, contact centers, electronic products, software and hardware manufacturers etc.
Customer Case Sharing
Our customer, a prestigious 5-stars Hotel Chain, is using our UIFN number to provide centralized hotel booking and customer service for the clients from 38 countries including China, Asia Pacific Regions, the US and Europe. In all those 38 countries, their clients can call their UIFN number to get connected with their global customer service center in Malaysia. The hotel group though has more than 150 hotels globally but they only need to operate one customer service center in Kuala Lumpur! This helps them save a lot of operational cost as running one contact center is much cheaper than running 38 centers in 38 countries!
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