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Call Back Service at WEB/APP
XHT provides Call Back Service which is a floating icon/button that can be installed in any websites or mobile applications, allowing the website visitors and apps visitors to connect to Customer Service Centers or Sales Support Centers free of charge from anywhere of the world. To activate our Call Back Service, the customer can connect to us through API which is JSON and GET. The code ASP, JSP, PHP, PC, Android and IOS are all supported.
How Does Our Call Back Service Help?
Wherever the customers are, as long as they can get reached of your website or apps, they can call your customer service centers or support centers by leaving their phone number. Our system can connect your backend phone system and the customer's call immediately. This is an alternative solution to provide a worldwide free phone service for your customers. Covering all countries in the world without limitation and being a very cost-effective solution are the advantages you can find in it.
Customer Case Sharing
Many banking and finance customers make use of our call back solution to allow their customers in China to contact their trading centers in Hong Kong. In this way, the end customers do not need to pay any IDD cost when they try to call the trading centers in Hong Kong. At the same time, this is a more cost saving solution for SMEs as it is relatively cheaper than toll free solutions.

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