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Short Messaging Solution (SMS)
XHT provides messaging solutions to help enterprise customers and SMEs blast promotion messages and send orders confirmations to their end customers. Our SMS services cover more than 200 countries and are specifically strong in China and some other Asian countries.
How Do Our SMS Services Help?
We can help customer send the messages in BULK. Customers can simply pass us the message content and receivers’ information. Then we can help send all messages according to the time schedule set by the customers and provide a delivery report subsequently. All message content and customer information will be deleted immediately after being sent. GVM will not keep any record of it. If customers want to manage the messages sent by themselves, we provide a web portal for customers to login and manage all the messages sent by themselves. If customers have their own SMS software or user interface, we also provide API to connect with customer portal for SMS termination or blasting. We support SMPP and HTTPS for API connection.
Customer Case Sharing
Many banks, securities companies, bullions and futures companies, retails stores, hotels, airlines companies are using our SMS services to blast promotion campaigns, transaction confirmations and loyalty programs to their end customers. SMS can reach directly to the end customers mobile phones which is the most direct way to connect you with your clients and make sure they can receive the information that you want to deliver to them.

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