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Local Toll Free & Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Numbers
Let your customers reach out to you from 120 countries without charge (local toll free) or pay the local call charge (DID) only! Choose your unique local toll numbers or DID numbers now from our number pool or contact our customer service officer immediately. You can have your numbers up and running within 1 to 2 weeks!
How Do Local Toll Free or DID Numbers Help?
Local toll free allows calls from the same country terminating to the same country only. It cannot carry the calls to other countries. Usually, people use it to provide countrywide support to their clients in their home country. DID, also called local number or local PSTN numbers, however, can carry the calls to all overseas countries. Most companies use DID to provide global customer support, same as ITFS or UIFN. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to expand your business to overseas countries! DID numbers are commonly used by many MNCs to provide 7 x 24 customer support to their global customers, a very popular tool for marketers to promote their products globally without setting up each individual service center in every single country as well. Calls to DID numbers are not totally free. The callers need to pay local call charge in most countries except Hong Kong, Macau or those countries that local calls are free of charge. Our clients include many MNCs from banking and finance industry, hospitality, airlines, on-line business operation, luxury brands, contact centers, electronic products, software and hardware manufacturers, etc.
Customer Case Sharing
Our customer, a Smartphone Manufacturer in China with 5000 employees globally, is using our DID numbers to provide after-sales support or promotion hotlines to their clients in Europe, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, all together 15 countries. They decided to use DID numbers instead of ITFS as they wanted their clients to share some of the call charge to avoid spam or fake calls. All calls from those 15 countries are being terminated to the Philippines and India.
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