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Established in 2009, XHT Company is an international telecommunications provider headquartered in Hong Kong with OFCA NO.1488. Our network footprints cover Greater China Region, APAC, Europe and the US with offices in China, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the network is still expanding.

XHT Company is a trusted partner for our clients who believe in "Business without Borders". We give businesses a local presence by providing them with international toll-free and local phone numbers that their customers recognize and are comfortable to call. Our outbound IDD calls’ capability and capacity support millions of calls per day, helping a lot of large enterprises reach their customers globally for proactive selling and customers follow-up. We also help enterprise customers handle marketing campaigns on SMS blasting and provide SMS services for transaction confirmations or authentications.

Year over year, XHT Company continues to grow. Our powerful and enterprise-grade network delivers millions of inbound toll free and outbound IDD calls reliably every day. We've built proprietary call systems and features that help our clients operate more efficiently. Our customers get more than just a phone number - all XHT Company phone numbers come with advanced call forwarding features, time of day routing, location routing, business continuity plan, intelligent call distribution, IDD calls with dedicated CLI, white list and black list, etc. Every day, XHT Company continues to evolve telecom solutions with a focus on the needs of worldwide businesses.. 

In addition to our technical capabilities, XHT Company believes in first-class customer service. Our well-trained and multilingual customer service representatives are professional, courteous and easy to be reached, providing 24 hours customer support to customers from everywhere of the globe.

We assist clients in many industries by extending their reach to new markets and helping them increase their revenue and raise their level of customer service. Whether a Fortune 500® corporation, mom-and-pop shop, or a company anywhere in between, XHT Company provides a premium service along with unsurpassed customer service. 

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